Favourite things:

Drinking cold coffee

+ Christmas music

+ My sweet boyfriend, Dan

+ Ankle boots

+ Stranger Things

+ A toddler's vocabulary

+ Remembering my sunglasses

+ Chandler Bing from Friends

+ New York City

+ Googling lyrics

+ Wagamama

+ Unconventional Wedding rings

+ Good advice

+ Trevor Nelson's Rhythm Nation

+Spotify 'Daily Mix'

Least favourite things:

+ Rude people

+ Beans on toast

+ When my Netflix won't work

+ Spiral notebooks (left-handed struggles)

Hey there, I'm Amy & I'm a seeker of happiness. Thanks for stopping by!


In 2014 I decided that I had had enough of capturing life through my iPhone. I got myself a camera, watched far too many Youtube tutorials and started photographing everything. Now I'm a 26 year old Wedding, lifestyle & portrait photographer and nanny living in Northamptonshire. If I'm not behind a camera,  you can usually find me either; day dreaming about being at Glastonbury festival; asking my boyfriend to cook for me; catching up with family or making lists.

Some of my favourite photos.