Hey, I'm Amy and I truly believe that I have the best job ever and I feel that every single day. From that moment when I receive that first email from someone who wants me to photograph them - I do a happy dance for a good 5 minutes (usually to Spice Girls) - to meeting the lovely couple/family, to actually photographing their big day or family session, to editing the beautiful photos, to delivering the photographs, I love it all. I believe that when we do what we love and find our real purpose it really shines through in our work. I hope you see that passion running through my photographs. 

So, a bit about me - I love good music, people watching & marmite and peanut-butter mixed together. You can find out more random stuff about me 

b r o w s e  m y  

P O R T F O L I O .


Happiness; for me, it's about the beauty of being happy. It's about the deep, real, jaw-aching, dimple-showing happiness that radiates off  you. That beauty deep in your soul.  That's what makes me love what I do the most. You may not notice it when my finger hits that button and that exact moment is frozen in time but once you receive your photos, you will be able to spot it straight away, there's no hiding it. That happiness can come from anywhere at anytime. Whether it's from a special look that you give to a loved one; a child playing with their siblings; a dog looking at its owner, waiting for a treat; a private family joke; a Groom whispering something into the Brides ear or a child munching on a watermelon in the summer. Real, raw & pure happiness. Being able to witness that from behind my camera is so magical- to capture the passion of a moment, the sweetness of a memory that can last a lifetime. They aren't just photos to me, it's a moment, a single moment in time to look back on and hopefully you'll remember exactly what you were thinking & feeling. 

Because  ha p p i n e s s  was  h e r e

I N S T A G R A M .