Photographing children is where my journey first began in this wonderful photography world and it will always hold a special place in my heart. So please take a look through my gallery. Just scroll left & right. 


Child photography is so special for me for so many reasons. In 2012 I pursued my first career love and started nannying for 6 beautiful children. As the years went on I started photographing them playing and growing more and more. That’s what pushed me to buy my first camera and that’s how my photography story begun. I owe everything to them. So after photographing children for 7 years, I really pride myself on taking great photographs of children and really being able to capture their sweet, unique, honest, beautiful and sometimes cheeky personalities. I also have a few tricks up my sleeve to help make children feel more comfortable and relaxed during the session. I can promise you that I will tell silly jokes, pull funny faces and even make silly noises to get your children to laugh. 


For me - child photography isn’t about forcing children to sit still and smile in a brightly lit studio for an hour and then getting stressed after 10 minutes when they won’t look straight into the camera lens anymore. I’m all about letting children run wild, with grass stained knees and messy hair, picking flowers from a field or covering their faces with chocolate ice cream. The messier the better. Let them be children! To ensure that the photographs are meaningful, the session will take place in your home or outside in a place that fills your children with happiness. Whether that’s at your local park, field, at your home or even at your local ice cream shop. Childhood is a time full of wonder when even the smallest steps can be the biggest adventures and with this, I will provide you with a lasting reminder of their childhood.

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"Absolutely stunning photos! Very talented and can see the love and passion she has for the job!" - Kirsty

"Such an amazing young lady, with such a wonderful talent! beautiful,fantastic,lovely photos, really would recommend her for all sorts of photos or events! Brilliant fun for everyone" - Seycha

"Amy is an amazing photographer with a great eye for capturing beautiful images. Highly recommended." - Karen

"Amy is amazing. She did a session to mark my daughters 3rd birthday. She’s so kind and patient with my daughter. And the photos are so beautiful!! 
I will definitely be going to Amy again for both personal and professional photography" - Gemma

"Thank you for our gorgeous photos, Amy. You straight away made our children feel comfortable and have captured some gorgeous and natural photos. We will treasure them forever" - Jodie

"Amy took some photos of my little boy to mark him turning 6 months. She was amazing from start to finish. She is super helpful, friendly and instantly made us both feel at ease meaning she could capture some lovely natural shots. I would highly recommend Amy and we can’t wait to work with her again" - Gennene

"Amy was fabulous, put the children at ease and I am struggling to choose a favourite" - Katherine

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